Give Peace a Chance! (EN)

16 okt. 2023

Volt Belgium is absolutely appalled by the excessive violence being suffered by both the Israeli and Palestinian populations.

There is no justification for the killing of innocent civilians.

We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks launched by Hamas, with house-to-house executions of civilians, assaults on public events and lynchings in the streets. At the same time, Israel's "total siege" of the Gaza Strip, through the blockade of basic necessities, is not only a deplorable action, but also illegal under international law. Its consequences are devastating for the civilian population.

The recent outbreak of violence in Israel and Palestine has sparked global attention to an enduring and complex conflict. The desperation of civilians caught in a humanitarian and political crisis raises questions and concerns around the world.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a problem that the international community has been avoiding for too long, is now at a breaking point. The need to find a solution that guarantees the coexistence of two states has never been more urgent and yet seems more distant than ever. It is imperative that the international community and the European Union intervene decisively and swiftly to establish a genuine peace process that not only freezes the conflict, but allows the two peoples to coexist in a land currently marked by violence and oppression.

The search for a peaceful and sustainable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is imperative. The international community and governmental bodies must act urgently and responsibly to prevent further suffering and to establish a path towards peace and stability in the region.

The Board of Volt Belgium

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